DreamBody Productions Personal Training

Based in a North Raleigh personal training studio, DreamBody Productions is carving a path of toned, sculpted, remarkably healthy bodies. Detailed instruction focusing on proper form and nutrition counseling ensures a safe, effective workout regimen with fast results.

Custom Fitness Programming

DreamBody Productions works within all fitness levels in a private, multifunctional and non-intimidating environment. Included Body Composition Analysis ensures a complete custom-built program unique to you and your fitness goals – taking into account medical history, lifestyle choices and physical limitations.

To further personalize your experience, DreamBody Productions offers a wide range of workout styles. Individual sessions, partner training, weight loss management, sport training, kickboxing, core strengthening and cardiovascular endurance routines are among some of our offered programs.

You can do it!

Discovering your ideal body is about hard work, dedication, perseverance and pushing yourself farther than you ever thought possible. You can do it, DreamBody Productions can help!

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