DreamBody Productions Personal Training


The First Two: Cardio and Strength!

Cardio is a one of the vital components of exercise. DBP offers a variety of cardiovascular based endurance programming. Basic endurance, marathon, mud run, obstacle course training. Don’t get out of breath going up the stairs anymore!

The Third and Fourth: Flexibility and Nutrition

Also one of the main components of any fitness routine, stretching provides mobility and strength to joints and may help to reduce risk of injury. Ashley is pretty much obsesses over correct technique and overcoming joint imbalances via stretch technique.  Everyone including pre/post-natal, seniors, athletes, disabled and all orthopedic medical conditions will benefit.  Ashley will go over the basics over nutrition, calculating all your caloric intake needs, but will refer out to a nutritionist for those who  have had a life-long struggle with weight.


As a woman, Ashley knows the problems women face within their body and in their confidence. The booty, thighs, abdominals, chest, arms and overall “tightness” are all factors constantly addressed when training women. There is no need to worry about “bulking up” and Ashley will provide all necessary information to help women through any necessary dietary modifications. Looking great in a bikini in not just a dream, it can become a reality. Oh, and we can get you a cute little butt while you are at it!

Fat Loss and Muscle Gains

Oh my… get off that scale already! Ashley will use Body Composition to track your gains, she will not obsess over each pound.  It is all about how you FEEL and FIT in your clothes. Period. She will teach you how to gain muscle, lose fat, boost metabolism, lose weight more effectively and long-term, all while getting you into fabulous shape.

Lower Back, Knees and Shoulders

It’s all about restoring balance and function, preventing injury,  improving movement and quality of life! Nobody wants to love with pain, or fear, or uncertainty about particular joints. Ashley works directly with your medical professional to create a program that will take you to the next level.  Everyone can benefit, but post rehab or those looking to reshape the longevity of your joints will do fantastic with these exercises.

CORE and Balance

Nobody wants a weak midsection or to feel like they don’t trust their feet to step out of the shower in the morning. Everyone wants the same thing… to feel healthy and strong.  Core exercises are key to taking your body to the next level of training. Your abs, sides, lower back and spine will thank you… and so will your posture. Balance, though largely overlooked in most fitness programs is so valuable, especially to active individuals and the aging process.

Pre-Post Natal

Take moment to think about how much easier it is to deliver when your body is healthy! Think about how much nicer it will be for your body to return to pre-baby when you stayed active throughout your pregnancy! A word though, stay active because once you become pregnant it is advised not to start any new exercise routines unless you were already working out. Stretch, stress relief, upper back (no hunchbacks!), breathing and general health will all be evaluated, and we will connect with your Doc to ensure medical boundaries. Happy Mommies, let’s go!

General Fitness

Tighten up! Fill out the shirt better! Look great in jeans! Get those abs back! Do it all while staying healthy, happy and held accountable. Create blood flow, get more energy, feel GOOD… you live once, you cannot change your genetics but you can change your choices.

Handicapped, Disabled, Auto-Immune Disorders

Ashley’s brother is in a wheelchair, and she has trained him for years with great results. She also worked with The Carolina Sled Hockey Team, learning to modify every exercise to any players individual restriction. There is no disability that she cannot work around. Auto-immune disorders, including Scleroderma and Lupus are absolutely within her scope. Working closely with your Doctor or therapist of course, if there is a will Ashley will find the way.