ABOUT Ashley

Ashley’s journey into training began after many years in the fitness industry. Beginning as the Director of Concierge Services within the first open location of Raleigh-based fitness club, O2 Fitness, she quickly grew in the ranks to Assistant General Manager and Director of Sales. Upon leaving O2 in 2007, she began her career in executive level sales for local companies such as Curtis Media Group (96 Rock) and then started helping local businesses build their marketing as an independent contractor.

Knowing all along that fitness was her true calling, she began her personal training career in 2011 at Independent Personal Training Studios.  July 5th 2012, she completed her first certification as an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and DreamBody Productions Personal Training was born. 


Ashley completed a second specialty certification program as an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist so she could focus on post-rehab, shoulder, lower back and knee pain as well as postural and mechanical maintenance of the joints.  Ashley continued in 2016 to add another specialty certification as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, allowing her to develop proper nutrition guidelines for all of her clients.  By the Summer of 2019 she will hold her credentials as a Sports Performance Specialist, to help competitive athletes increase their skill levels, avoid injury and reach peak performance.

A native of Raleigh, North Carolina, Ashley studied at Wake Technical Community College, and graduated with a Associates in Arts Degree, focus of psychology. She holds her fitness certification through the American Counsel on Exercise (ACE) as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Orthopedic Specialist (OES/OS), Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS/FN).

 Ashley opened DreamBody Productions with one goal: to be successful in guiding her clients to create their goals, commit to their program and attain their DreamBody. Maintaining a full roster and with limited availability it has been difficult to provide service to those unable to come to the studio, so Ashley created the online Training platform that is now available via her mobile app. 

May all the awesome adventures continue - ENJOY 

"The DreamBody Method is about balance. It is about the LOVE for CHANGE and GROWTH. You will not only LOOK great, you will FEEL great.  You will THINK great. You will BE GREAT."


"You have one life to live… live it healthy, grateful and STRONG."


Coach, Entrepreneur, Creator