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About Ashley 


the DREAM 

Ashley’s journey into training began after many years in the fitness industry. Knowing all along that fitness was her true calling, she began her personal training career in 2011 at Independent Personal Training Studios.  July 5th 2012, she completed her first certification as an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and DreamBody Productions Personal Training was born. 

Ashley opened DreamBody Productions with one goal: to be successful in guiding her clients to create their goals, commit to their program and attain their DreamBody. The creation of "The DreamBody Method" developed over years of service and is used within all training and assessments. 

Ashley created the online training platform that is now available via her mobile app, DreamBody Online.

"Outside of my fur-pup Dan and teaching people about fitness, I love keeping it real and making meaningful connections with others!  Fun facts- I'm am an introvert, favorite smell is lumber, I love power tools and projects, sunsets are my jam, and my original career path was to be a news anchor or a Doctor! Current life status is "if it scares me I gotta do it" and inspiring others to GO FOR IT and follow their dreams! 

May all the awesome adventures continue - ENJOY


Her Vision
guide and inspire confidence in the wellness journey 

Ashley developed programs to provide a more

calculated, intuitive, mind/body

based connection. 

She Created 

The DreamBody Method




"Your body is unique...

 I will teach the basic fundamentals,
and process to develop new habits

as you build a confident mindset
that will re-introduce you to your new body

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