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Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Here is the best part we have all heard of metabolism but might have no idea what the heck it REALLY is...

Metabolism: includes all the chemical activities in your body.

Your body can be in two stages: Catabolism and Anabolism.

The "Bad One" = Catabolism: BREAKS DOWN * Breaks DOWN Muscle/Tissue * Can cause body to store fat, deplete muscle gains, hold water and fatigue, not enough nutrients especially protein, pain in joints and muscles.

* Body holds onto fat and will take longer to recover/see results from workouts.

* Many times this is a result of not eating enough calories and the body goes into "stress/starvation response" and holds fat / water as survival mechanism.

The "Good One" = Anabolism: BUILDS *Builds Muscle/Tissue *See results faster, more effective workouts, more energy, decrease stress, release water, better appetite, better recovery, generally better mood and overall health and wellbeing, balanced sugar/insulin levels.

Staying in "the good one" or Anabolic … Things you can control:

  • Macronutrients: proteins, fats and carbohydrates eaten in the correct ratio

  • Never miss meals, always eat breakfast & post workout recovery

  • Adequate Sleep and Recovery, Avoid Overtraining/Overuse

  • Optimize Hormone Balance, see your Doctor for bloodwork

  • Minimize Pollutants and Stress, Practice Breathing/Yoga and Stretch

  • Water – Min ½ body weight Ounces

  • Correct Training and Injury Prevention

  • Eat when hungry and until full

  • Spilt meals throughout day to keep body burning efficiently

  • Resistance Training= More Muscle = Burn More Calories at rest = Higher metabolism

  • Short burst workouts if you don't have a ton of time = Choose weights!

You might people say they have a high metabolism, and that's great - but you can too! Train your body to burn more calories at rest AND build muscle. It is just that simple. With the correct timing and proper amounts of food... you got this.


Ashley Lambeth, ACE-CPT, OES, FNS, SCS | 919-614-2286 | Founder

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