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σῶμα  (sôma) n 


M o b i l e  App


New Client Onboarding 

3-part “JumpStart” series


This allows Ashley to be able to fully learn and conduct all medical and physical assessments including establishing fitness baselines and goals.  I go over all the things including the app and we get your program perfected just for you.  


$199 +


Custom Programs 

4 - 12  Week Revolving Progressions


  • DreamBody Metrics

  • In-App Tracking 

  • Customized Protocol 

  • Optional Meal Guide

  • Habit Coaching 

  • Bi-Weekly Check-Ins

  • Photo Baselines 

  • Follow-up Evaluations 

  • Accountability Coaching 

  • In-App Reminders 

  • Full Testing  

  • Custom Calendar

  • Weekly Homework 

  • Form Instruction

4 Week $199+  12 Week $499+

To-Go & Subscriptions


Just need some direction? Maybe you travel and need some workout ideas on the go? Or maybe you are looking to break out of a plateau? Whatever you need, there is a subscription built for you. This monthly subscription keeps you in the loop and pressing forward. Get it!

Monthly Subscription $49 - $99 +


Meal Guides 


This is where I get really excited, because without proper nutrition your results might go unseen and that is BS! With a meal guide prepped for you by a licensed nutritionist, DreamBody offers custom meal plans direct to you from Evolution Nutrition. Add this option to any Program or Subscription and get your proper fuel on!

$49 4 Week Meal Guide

Group + Corporate Challenges 


A little friendly competition never hurt anything ... except for your love handles. Friends, fam, coworkers - unite. Oh, the winner gets a free prize directly from Ashley! Have fun and get in shape!

$99 per person - call for details


Accountability Coaching 

I get it, you do your own thing. You might not really need the whole shebang, but you definitely need some accountability and to talk things through with your current routines. I got you... 

$50 + accountability coaching 


Check out the APP


- Michelle Pichardo



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