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Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Let's discuss alcohol.

There's no denying that alcohol plays a major role in the life of most adults.

Occasional drinking has been said to improve health, but frequent binging doesn't.

Aside from the serious dangers of drinking too much, there are also a number of other not-so-pleasant effects, including lousy moods, crazy sugar cravings, excess calories, liver fat, poor sleep habits, and foggy concentration.

Not to mention, all alcohol is dehydrating, which means dull, dry aging skin - and a body that holds onto water.

Bummer, isn't it?

But yet, I am not saying you need to stop drinking all together, unless it really is becoming an unhealthy habit for you. My point - drink less so you can see the changes you are working so hard for.

Examples of these little rules would be I can drink on dates and I can drink on holiday.

Be careful as it would only be a matter of time before you are back on that cycle, so remind yourself how epic you felt without it.

No harm in trying it out for the first 30 days and see for yourself the changes it really does to your body.



Choose one day each week you can drink. That is the ONLY day.

The day you drink is NOT an "off day" - you still need to consume your minimum requirement of water + one glass of water for every drink. It would be smart to commit to a "drink max" - I cannot tell you what to do, but for me that drink max is buzzed then water OR 2-4 drinks total MAX. The less ya drink, the better.

5 Days. No drinks.

Set only 2 days each week you are allowed to consume a small amount.

No drinks. Zero.

Completely cut it out. Trust me, this is usually the best challenge option to start. Then you can choose one of the above once you see the results from not drinking those extra calories.


Ashley Lambeth, ACE-CPT, OES, FNS, SCS | 919-614-2286 | Founder

Anna S. Semon, BA Exercise and Sports Science, SCS | Assistant Training Coach

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