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DreamBody Favorites: Chest Day

Chest -Shoulder - Tricep - Abs - Sprints

Make sure you have chosen a great pre-workout snack to fuel you for this workout.

5 Minute Walk/Jog Warmup

Chest Bench Press

*Flat Bench - I typically train 3-6 sets

Set 1 warmup, 10-15 reps with lighter weight

Set 2-5 Medium to Heavy weight, fatigued last 2-4 reps each set

Final set rep to burnout

Option for dumbbell flat bench press on therapy ball or mat.

Chest + Shoulder Superset:

*Flat Bench - I typically train 3-5 sets

Medium weight, typically choosing weight that becomes difficult after 8-10 reps or 10-15 reps lighter weight. You can grab a bench and do this entire set in one area. You can option bench for therapy ball or mat.

  • Flat Bench Dumbbell Chest Fly

  • Seated Arnold Shoulder Press

  • Standing Upright Rows

  • Standing Lateral Shoulder Fly

  • Close Grip Tricep Pushups / option for decline + Abs Active Rest: I like to add leg and hip raises on bench in between above sets to give my arms a break. Goal 60-100 lifts. Can option to do these on mat.

Cable Rope Tricep Extensions Finisher

* I typically train 4-8 sets. I like to pyramid the weight:

Set 1 light (10-15 reps)

Set 2 medium (8-12 reps)

Set 3 heavy (6-8 reps)

Set 4,5, back to medium weight, then light

Set 6+ finish with full burnout light to medium weight

Can option cable accessories, bands or tri kickbacks with dumbbells.

8 One Minute 100% Sprints

* I typically push the sprints 7.0-8.0 mph speed if using treaadmill. I give myself plenty of rest in between so I Can give 100% each sprint. Goal 6-10 sprints. Option for elliptical or outside jog/sprints.


Foam Roll IT band, hips and lower back after sprint

Additional Options:

Sauna optional 10-15 minutes if you are drinking gallon per day. This will help you release excess. Otherwise can option for 20 minute paced walk or jog to sweat.

Post workout meal within 30 minutes of finish.

Enjoy! Drink plenty of water!


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