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THIS is WHY I train

Updated: May 25, 2020

Jan 23 2013 | Sometimes I wonder how I passed through any time in my life without being a trainer.

It is TRULY my love, my great friend, and the source of many emotions. As I grow within this industry I see the crazy gimmicks, the backwards myths and latest “quick” fixes. I also pay more attention to the insurmountable weight issues, rising health care costs, and the worries we all share in caring for the next generation’s physical health… but I also see the sun coming through the clouds.

I think each of us forgets how lucky we are when we simply have “health” – I think jamming our schools with processed foods and a lack of exercise, cramming the airwaves with band-aids for epidemic problems such as heart disease and long-term weight loss, further enhances the idea that we can take a pill or workout 20 minutes a week to achieve even our most mediocre dreams.

It is time to rise up and see the bigger picture. I am here to tell you that you can have the body, you can start new habits, you can be a positive influence and you CAN have all you desire… you CAN have your DREAMBODY and your DREAMLIFE!

The style I project is simple… train hard, educate, encourage people to try new things and focus not on subtracting from the diet, but adding influence and education in more nutrient rich choices. I want people to leave a workout with their endorphin’s kickin and their bodies feeling energized and full of life.

DreamBody Productions is about LIFE. It is about DESIRE. It is about the LOVE for CHANGE and GROWTH. You will not only LOOK great, you will FEEL great. You will THINK great. You will BE GREAT. I am not here to pump you full of “hot words” like easy or simple… I am here to say you are going to bust your ass through every hard set and be grateful for every curve, every new muscle, and each time you put down the candy and pick up an apple. This is not about a “lifestyle” change but a LIFE CHANGE. It will be physical, it will be mental, and it will be the reward of a lifetime.

The longer I train, I prefer the word “Coach” to trainer or instructor. I lend myself to the mindset that I am a fitness coach – I use the term “let US” … Let’s learn, let’s push, let’s dominate OURSELVES. We are in it together, as a team.

The only thing in the way of you and your new body is YOURSELF. You have one life to live… live it healthy, grateful and STRONG.


Ashley Lambeth, ACE-CPT, OE, FN, SC

Founder of DreamBody Productions Personal Training | Raleigh, NC | #DreamBodyMethod

Founder | Online | App | Coach |

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