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Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Let's Do This #teamdreambody


DreamBody by Ashley Lambeth

DreamBody Productions = Virtual and In-Person Mobile Personal Training

DreamBody Online = DreamBody App provides calendarized programs

The DreamBody Method = Ashley's Training Method

Onboarding and JumpStart

New Client onboarding typically takes 14 days to complete. Custom programs will be created once JumpStart Series is complete.


Accountability Check-ins are included in some programs.

All check-ins are done in coaching call or via in-app direct messaging. Check-ins are due by Friday, 6pm. Check-in reminders are sent via app.

Coaching Calls If Coaching Calls are included in your program, you will receive an in-app reminder to request your appointment.

Timeline of Program "Progressions"

All programs are built around 4-week progressions. Progressions allow you to go at your own best pace and challenge yourself.

2-, 4-, and 12-week reassessments: 2-week: New Client check-in or coaching call

4-week: check-in or coaching call

12-week Goal Assessment check-in or coaching call

How to choose resistance weight Instructions on choosing your desired weight will be included in program.

Progress Photo Check-Ins Progress Photos are not optional. Photos will not ever be shared without client's consent. Images are used to assess progress.

Private/Mobile Session is Referral Only - Limited Availability. Private in-home sessions are now limited to referral only. As a thank you, all referrals receive a free session or gift card.

Motivation reminder: ACTION.

You came here to work and get results.

All I ask is that you make this program a priority. Program compliance is dependent on you. Stay in action as much as possible. Your motivation will build with every task complete.


You got this - - -



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