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Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Protein = Repair.

This is the most important macro when it comes to building and repairing your muscles. (including injuries) - If you don’t get adequate amounts of protein, your muscles will take longer to heal, may not heal completely, and it will be a lot harder to build upon your existing muscles.

Proteins are made from amino acids. Some amino acids can be produced in the body and some need to be eaten in food. However, just like any other macro, protein has to be consumed in the appropriate amounts.

Protein is 4 calories per gram.

For example, if 40% of your calories are from protein and you take in 2,000 calories each day =

40% of 2,000 is 800 calories

divide that by 4 and you get 200 grams of protein.


Quick snack options =

Measure by Palm of hand (you can always google items for exact gram amounts)


Hamburger Patty 4oz - 28 g

Steak 6oz, 42 g

most beef cuts - 7 g protein per oz


Breast 3.5o - 30g

thigh - 10 g

drumstick - 11g

wing - 6g

meat cooked, 4oz - 35g


most fillets are 22g for 3.5oz (100g) cooked

tuna 6oz can - 40g


chop 22g

loin/tenderloin 4oz - 29g

ham - 3oz 19g

ground pork - 1oz raw - 5g

bacon 5-6g slice

eggs and dairy

egg 6/7 g

milk cup - 8g

cottage cheese - 1/2 cup 15g

yogurt 1cup - 8-12g check label

soft cheese(mozz brie) 6 g per oz

medium cheese - cheddar swiss - 7/8 g per oz

hard (parmesan) 10g per oz

Beans / soy

tofu 1/2 cup 20g

tofu 1oz 2.3g

soy milk cup 6-10g

beans bacl, pinto etc usually 7-10g per half cup cooked

soy 14g per 1/2 cup

Nuts and Seeds

Peanut Butter 2tbsp 8g

1/4 cup:

Almonds 8g

Peanuts 9g

cashews 5g

pecans 2.5g

sunflower 6g

pumpkin 8g

flax 8g

Ashley Lambeth, ACE-CPT, OES, FNS, SCS | 919-614-2286 | Founder

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