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Updated: May 25, 2020


Oh, okay.

Drink how much water?

No... I'll pee all day.

I drink plenty.

I think?


I can lose weight when I drink enough?


"Let me explain..."

WATER: Our body MUST have it and we can't produce it - we gotta' drink it. I have found I need to constantly keep water - AVAILABLE - and easily accessible for me to drink enough. Sure, it is easy to drink a bottle or refill... but water snobs alike KNOW you might not fill up that nice YETI in the coffee shop bathroom. Figure out how to get enough and stick it out.


Caffeine, Soda, Alcohol … to name a few. They make ya pee and anytime you release water you have to replace it or you can become dehydrated. Pay attention to your skin, your lips, hands and mental clarity - all too often a few good hydration days will get our bodies running and looking fabulous. This applies even in cold temperatures, though humid hot environments and extreme exercise are major culprits.

Rule of thumb, if you drink a coffee back it up with the same amount of water. Ratio; 1:1. Keep this simple. If you become too dehydrated your body can actually STORE water (think starvation mode).


Those fancy bodybuilders and bikini competitors get on stage DRY. Think about that... they are dehydrated - they want to NOT "hold water' - You can see all the muscle detail because the water beneath their skin is minimized to the extreme. It is an unhealthy state for the body to be in, and impossible to maintain. The average person that dehydrates to this level will be putting their body in danger, PERIOD. So, know the look is highly prepped, coached and for show.

  • SWEAT and SALT

Sweat is evaporation - your body is releasing heat into the air and we all know it tastes like saltwater. It is good and can be so healthy but it also means you need to replace the water lost in the process. Electrolytes are the glue that holds this process together - and when we release too much of them in our sweat we can become fatigued. Replenishing these is also key.


My goal everyday as soon as possible … PEE CLEAR. Lemonade at best.


Your muscles need it, your body craves it. It helps to know you may eat less and even better choices when you drink enough water. Sometimes we eat when we are simply thirsty. Also, we can drink way too many calories if we are not careful. Sugary drinks are the bellies bully - your waistline will thank you.


They count. A bottle of water is good - but calculating each bottle (or glass) to around 12-16 ounces or less, you need LOTS more. Half your bodyweight in ounces MINIMUM. That is 60 ounces for someone that weighs 120 pounds. That's 4 bottled waters, 8 smaller glasses, HALF one gallon. Plan accordingly!


I have my clients each do a gallon water challenge when they start with me. I prefer spring water, whatever brand is usually good for me. What this does is PRIME your body for intake, getting you use to the change of drinking plenty of water.

CHALLENGE UP!! 128 Ounces!


Ashley Lambeth, ACE-CPT, OES, FNS, SCS | 919-614-2286 | Founder

Anna S. Semon, BA Exercise and Sports Science, SCS | Assistant Training Coach

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