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2019-2021 Updated Spotlight - "Michelle then to now"

Girllll… you are killin' it. A huge shoutout to my VERY FIRST Custom DreamBody Online client. This girl listened and followed through with everything I asked of her. Workout 5 days a week, done. Do 8X8 sets of chest, back squats and deads... no problem. Learn to foam roll, stretch and do cardio at end of workouts... got it. Keeping both of us on our toes for sure and now... the numbers and pictures speak for themselves. GOAL.

The reason I chose Michelle for today's spotlight is simple... SHE IS DOING IT. She is doing the things it takes to see change not only in the mirror but a sustainable CONFIDENCE and authentic commitment to herself. I commend her for the overall zest she has towards embracing change and adjusting to new routines and directions. She rocks. If you can take one thing from Meesh, BE COMMITTED. Focus and sustainability win every time.

This is not our final destination, but many small milestones and consistent wins adding up into one helluvagood checkin. HECK YES GIRL. Rock on!

2021: IN HER WORDS: Why Michelle did this!

When I started changing my lifestyle it was because I wanted to feel better. It wasn’t about the size of my clothes, or the fat on my body, or the scale.

I changed because I was tired of having back pain, low energy, I had tightness in my hip that was affecting a nerve in my leg etc. etc. and yes there were some parts of my body that I just didn’t care for physically —

and that’s OK, too!

This journey is about BALANCE:

It’s OK to not like some thing about yourself.

Just like it’s OK to love something about yourself.

It’s OK to have balance.

That’s what this journey has taught me. Balance.

Don’t focus on the scale weight obsession:

For 2 years and 2 months, I have been on this journey and I weigh nearly the same as I did when I first got started. A number was never the goal but that’s pretty freaking cool to see the difference despite the number!

We have been hardwired to find value, and hate, from the numbers on some stupid plastic box….

🤮 weigh yourself every 5 weeks minimum or let your coach do it like mine did every 3-5months!

Hard work is the answer:

it’s not about removing what habits you are currently doing —but rather *adding to* what you already do and balancing (there’s that word again!) it out

Let’s talk about some stigmas with a healthy lifestyle: Like, injuring yourself in the gym, or that you have to eat less, or that you “will get bigger” from lifting weights— it’s all lies. And honestly most likely insecure projections from those who haven't actually done it.🤷🏼‍♀️

For example: I remember when I first started, someone told me that “everybody gets injured“…. The truth is, when I have gotten injured it’s been doing random things like golfing or moving furniture around – not at the gym!!! Don’t be afraid to put some hard work into your body!!!


Your reasons for wanting to change your life are valid. Don’t let the world make you think you have to start at a certain size in order to make a change. I’ve had people dismiss my hard work bc i wasn’t 300lbs when I first got started…

Go do you!

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