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His pants don't fit anymore.

He has learned how to eat.

He can run a mile!

Pushup strength has increased by 35%!

He can hang with his daughters workouts!

He added 5 pounds of muscle and decreased fat by over 10 pounds.

Overall weight loss is 6 pounds!

…. And he added 10 feet to his golf swing!

Oh... this is in less than 12 weeks and is sustainable because it is now a habit and lifestyle change. GO PHILLIP!!


REPORT CARD Assessment:

Jan 8 - March 12 2020

Weight: 204 - 198lbs

Push-ups: 14 - 25 in a minute

V-ups: 18-25 in a minute

Planks: 1:00 - 1:10 (though he did 2 minute plank few weeks back)

Mile Run - Half in 5:24 to Full Mile in 9:53

Wall sit- 30 seconds to 1 minute

Body Composition -

26.5% to 21.53%

Lean Muscle 149.9 - 155.3

Fat: 54.5lbs to 42.6lbs


What I have been reminded of in training Phillip...

He followed everything I asked of him perfectly, but that's not all.

He followed much of his nutrition by ordering from the local meal prep service "Just One More Bite" - a local partner that offers amazing gourmet meal delievery.

He stayed consistent with his workout homework and did not miss his workouts and scheduled cardio.

This is, yet again, why I do what I do.

Congrats to you my friend! May you enjoy your new success!! Go you!

Ashley Lambeth, ACE-CPT, OES, FNS, SCS | 919-614-2286 | Founder Anna S. Semon, BA Exercise and Sports Science, SCS | Assistant Training Coach

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