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The DreamBody Method

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

I opened DreamBody Productions Personal Training in 2013 and have learned that there are so many options and ways to stay healthy. With endless amounts of information being thrown at us, the first step is finding the right direction.

After I opened, I quickly started to realize people really have no idea how to not only get fit, but stay fit. I saw that every single person I worked with had some special ailment or imbalance, or an old quirky injury that hurts every now and then or may just need accountability coaching… everybody was so different. All of them had one thing in common, they needed to understand their own bodies and they wanted to learn how to properly eat, lift, sweat, stretch and mentally set up their lives so they can stay on track.

~ The DreamBody Method was born to better explain my core values and fitness philosophy.

The DreamBody Method is 5 balanced parts:


Healthy brain function, activities and habits will shape your wellness. THIS. This is the real power and the most important tool you will have in your fitness arsenal. It's time to get your mind right. I Coach for success. We learn together what things may hold you back, motivate you, discourage you and make you happy… and then we do them, ya know

… we do more of the ones that bring you joy! It's all in your head!


Muscle is the backbone of your metabolism. Healthy metabolism encourages your body to burn fat and calories at rest. Resistance training can reshape your body and create sexy chiseled curves and tone to your desired shape and size. Muscle supports bone health, strength and the protects your joints. Whether you build to bulk, want to lean and lengthen or train for any athletic event your muscles will always support your frame and will keep you aesthetically pleased in the mirror! I will modify just the right plan to support the perfect muscle gains for your goals! Go Lift!


Your heart pumps vital oxygen throughout your body. Cardiovascular disease is prevalent and can be prevented. Though everyone's health history is different, doing cardio is not just about dropping pounds - it is about keeping this vital organ healthy and fully operational for life. I will create a cardio program that your heart will love and that fits your time constraints with simple to follow protocol. Go Sweat!


The joints keep your body moving effectively. This is so overlooked and it is key to overcoming chronic tightness, chronic pain and increasing flexibility. Tightness can lead to injury and other imbalances. I develop a stretch program that will educate you on body movement, alignment and proper joint care. Oh, and you will feel amazing after stretch too, it is just how it is! Get loose!


Proper nutrition fuels the entire body. Calories, macros, water, sugar, diets, allergies… OH MY... It is already confusing. We will break down each meal and guide you to making better nutrition decisions. We got guides, recipes and education like nobody's biz. Wanna lose inches, build muscle and increase your metabolism? Start here. Fuel up!

Each play a vital part in how you look and feel, but this methodical program establishes baselines and milestones built exclusively for your body that will continue to keep you balanced and growing within your lifestyle.
I am not here to tell you not to eat cupcakes, I just want to teach you how to crave an apple. Take care of your body, balance your life. - Ashley


Ashley Lambeth, ACE-CPT, OE, FN, SC

Founder of DreamBody Productions Personal Training | Raleigh, NC | #DreamBodyMethod

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