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COVID-19 UPDATE - Response

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Healthy is our priority! Let's handle this crisis together. We got this.

UPDATE: As of March 15, 2020 all in-studio training suspended and all programs will be online only. All of you will receive all information and instructions by Monday March 16 2020. See below for further updates highlighted in green...
DreamBody Productions Alternate Scheduling Program:
Our goal is to remain flexible throughout this time. We will also highlight our normal policies below as to be totally transparent on all changes that may need to take place.

Your Current Studio Subscription:

We are keeping a close eye on the developing health situation. We will be as flexible as possible with all current subscriptions/packages and are currently updating all of you to our mobile app. In the case we cannot workout in-studio for any reason, our online alternatives will keep you moving at-home or with any equipment you will be able to use.

*Our normal policy is that you need to use your subscription within its intended time, but we will remain flexible on this.

UPDATE: Download and Update App:

Each of you should have already received an invitation email and downloaded the mobile app, but in the case you have not please do so no later than Monday March 16, 2020. If you need the link please let us know.

Studio Session Cancellations:

If you are sick please stay home.

We will be as flexible as possible when you need to cancel if you are sick. Please advise that the sooner the cancellation, the more flexible we can be.

*Our normal policy is 24 hours notice and weekly reservations are billed regardless of use/travel.

UPDATE: We usually follow Wake County Public School System in all emergency situations; therefore, in-studio training is suspended until further notice. More information will be issued on individual basis.

Online Training:

We are updating our app and will temporarily transition all in-studio clients to custom online training as the need arises.

*Our software has many features and is additional charge under normal circumstances.

UPDATE: Temporary alternate scheduling program / Online transition will begin Monday March 16, 2020 and continue to further notice.

Starting Monday March 16 2020 - until further notice:

Custom Online Workout Subscription;

5 full days of workouts, homework calendar, demonstration videos, nutrition tracking, stretch, accountability coaching/skype sessions will be available for all studio clients and billed within your current subscription.

*IF we need to temporarily transition:

Our online programs are normally billed every 4-12 weeks, but this transition would be observed one week at a time. The charge for each week is still being determined and will likely be billed as a "training sessions" from your current program. Please understand, these are not copy and paste programs, Anna and I would be using this "in-studio time" to develop your weekly programs and manage them on a custom basis. Please keep in mind that it may take MORE time for us to develop certain programs, so these needs will be addressed individually as they arise. More to come on this as we move forward and learn about the impacts of COVID-19 and how we will need to operate. I have offered online training now since early 2019 and it is GREAT and easy to learn. More importantly, it will keep you from losing all the progress we have worked so hard to develop. If we need to transition, we will be ready.

UPDATE: We are ready. The transition will be begin Monday March 16, 2020. Anna and I recorded multiple demo videos this past weekend and are making all final adjustments to the app. Billing will stay within your current program and will be assessed as a training session/s. It usually takes us at least an hour to develop a week program in app per person. We are taking this one week at a time, one person at a time.

Keep in Mind-

Boosting Immunity:

Stick to a healthy, nutrient rich diet.

Get plenty of rest.

Step outside and get some sunshine.

Additional vitamins, probiotics, fiber, micronutrients and gut-heathy rituals.

WATER! Decrease diuretics, including alcohol and coffee as much as possible.

Do not stop exercising. Movement promotes circulation and supports healing + immunity.

Watch the stress. Breathing / Meditation techniques recommended.

Practice good hygiene. Foot shakes are the new handshake.

Gym Safety Protocol:

We ask you to...

WASH hands before and after.

WIPE anything you contact during your workout, including equipment handles/selector pins, free-weights, phone, earphones, remotes and water fountains.

Bring towel and mat of your own to use on equipment and during stretches.

Stay home if you are sick.

Private Session Training Protocol:

You will be asked to...

Grab your own weights and equipment.

Wipe down your mats equipment that we use throughout session.

Manual stretch will be demonstrated. Hands on stretch will be temporarily suspended.

Stretch time will now mainly include straps, standing stretches and foam rollers.

Spotting will still be used for safety purposes, but limited body touch as much as possible.

We may train outside when possible.

Stay home if you are sick.

UPDATE: Temporarily Suspended In-Person Training

Fitness Center / Studio Cleaning Protocol:

We wipe down after every session and deep clean on a regular basis.

Camden Carolinian deep cleans weekly and their efforts have been increased throughout entire facility.

Additional hand sanitizer / spray is in the studio, as are wipes and tissues - more has been ordered and we will remain stocked as long as possible!

Group Classes:

In-Studio Group Sessions and Classes are temporarily suspended until further notice.


Please consider online-training options upon return if traveling.

Exercise community caution.

This is it for now. We hope this crisis resolves very soon and is quickly in the past. Until that time, we have options and will continue "business as usual" to some degree, no matter what. Thank you, to each of you for taking part in your journey with us. It is our pleasure to serve you and get you looking and feeling amazing. Stay positive - this too shall pass. We are all in this together.
UPDATE: This is a great alternative, guys. I promise you will enjoy what we have put together and urge each of you to take the time to learn and as we put this new transition into place. If you are app-illiterate that's okay. We got you and will get you ready and up-to-date. Stay with us through this time, we will figure this out together. STAY MOVING! MUCH MORE TO COME! Let's get everybody updated so we can stay on-track this week...

Cheers to all of us, our health and our continued happiness -

Much love to all of you at this time.

Health first,

Ashley Lambeth





Ashley Lambeth, ACE-CPT, OES, FNS, SCS | 919-614-2286 | Founder Anna S. Semon, BA Exercise and Sports Science, SCS | Assistant Training Coach

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