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Habits + Accountability

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Master your habits + Challenge Team DreamBody Members!

+ Win Reward Sessions and Credits!

Winning Streaks, Milestones, and Achievement Badges

Starting a Winning Streak

A winning streak (or “streak” for short) is when you complete habit for 2 or more days in a row.

  • To count toward a streak, a habit must be marked as completed by noon on the day after it was scheduled.

  • You create winning streaks for each habit assigned to calendars. Note: Habit must be scheduled to be eligible for a winning streak. Please let me know if your habit is not shown in your calendar. *This is your responsibility!

Milestones and Achievement Badges

  • As streak continues to grow, you will receive special badges at various milestones.

  • When you hit a milestone - immediately after marking a habit as completed, you will see a summary screen awarding with a badge + information about the next milestone you’re aiming for.

Badges are awarded for the following milestones:

  • every 5 days for the first 25 days

  • every 25 days for 50-100 days

  • every 50 days for 100-500 days

  • every 100 days for 500-1000 days

  • every 200 days for 1000+ days

You can view all badges in the My Achievements section of the dashboard.

Card's are color-coded to indicate the habit's streak status:

  • Grey: the habit is new or has no previous/in-progress winning streak

  • Blue: a previous winning streak record exists

  • Yellow: winning streak for that habit

What happens to a streak when a Habit is no longer scheduled?

A streak will be preserved for 7 days of not scheduled. During that time, we can reschedule or extend that same habit so you can continue building their longest streak.


All members will receive credits as their milestone and badges are reported to the Group!


Each month I will announce how you can earn credits and reward sessions within the group page. Challenges and expectations will change as we focus on different habits.

Feel free to comment and cheer on other Team Members!!!

Good Luck!

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