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Updated: May 20, 2020

IN-PERSON Training is BACK!


Yes... Mobile! This means we are coming to you!

We committed to help you achieve your goals no matter what when you joined Team DreamBody. We will do everything we can to help you succeed, all we ask is for you will be open-minded about what our training looks like. It is a real challenge to continue to train in a formal studio / community gym due to guidelines and other issues surrounding COVID-19. We have got your back though, it is time to get back at it!

Let's get started!

We are now booking sessions beginning Monday June 1, 2020!

Those of you with remaining sessions can use your subscription towards mobile visits at NO EXTRA CHARGE. We will reduce session time to account for our travel.

Equipment + Preparing for your Session
  • We bring our own equipment and can utilize any equipment you have available.

  • You will need water, a mat or large towel and small sweat towel.

  • If you need equipment for your home, we will have home travel kits available for purchase soon.

Session Sanitation
  • I have sanitizer, wipes and disinfectant and will clean all of my equipment after each use.

  • Masks are encouraged but optional.

  • I ask you have disinfectant available to thoroughly clean your own equipment.

  • Please make sure children are social distancing and not touching equipment, or in close proximity to us during our sessions.

  • I urge each of you to use your own mats or a large towel.

  • Please wash your hands before and after our sessions.

Booking + Mobile Scheduling:
  • We will book one session per week per person. (More Available Soon)

  • Mobile Training Available: Tuesday and Thursday Mornings/ early afternoon

  • Anna is available for all afternoon sessions and will be available to train during times I am unavailable.

  • We will be reach out to each member to book + discuss all options.

VIRTUAL and GROUP Schedule:
  • Virtual Training Available: Wednesday and Friday Mornings/ early afternoon

  • We offer group class Friday and Saturday.

Paid Subscriptions
  • You can book sessions starting June 1, 2020

  • We can no longer continue to "hold" paid subscriptions sessions after this date.

Website + New Packages

All Training Package updates will be outlined on our website as soon as possible.

DreamBody App + Accountability
  • All billing, sessions, nutrition, compliance/accountability, check-ins, progress pics, body composition and fitness assessments will be tracked via the app moving forward.

  • A friendly reminder that custom workout "homework" / program designs will incur additional charges.

  • Compliance credits earned from training milestones, habit and compliance goals can be utilized to earn free sessions. More on this coming soon!

Goals + Re-Assessments

It is a great time to revisit those goals + reassess, especially with the disruptions we have experienced! During the month of June we will conduct all baseline reassessments, new goal setting and fitness testing. We will also update your current app profiles and health status questionnaires. TIME TO RESET!!!

Quick Note:

It has been a challenging time for all of us. I truly appreciate you all shifting with us as we navigate our new world! I miss all of you very much and it will be such a positive and much needed "new normal" to get back to our workouts. I cannot wait!

It is time to evolve!

Thank you for being patient with us and as always... let me know if you have any questions!


SO happy to see you soon!

Ashley + Anna

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