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DreamBody Online + Membership

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Your Online Programs + Live Personal Training and Accountability Coaching #TeamDreamBody

Welcome to DreamBody Online!

Step 1:

Reach out and we can help you if needed!

Step 2:

Download the app to your mobile device.

Step 3:

Submit profile and account information.

Step 4:

Once registration is complete, we will load the calendar with your program.

Please note 24-hour turnaround on all messages and 24-48 hours for programs.

Learning the App + Tech Stuff

Our software is powered by Trainerize and they support all technical issues.

We will go over basic features in below video.

Additional tutorial are also setup via Trainerize.

Online and Membership Options:

DreamBody Online Subscription

4 weeks $49.99

Subscriptions Include: - Standardized workouts you can enjoy at home using only a mat.

- One upper, lower, core, cardio and stretch day each week. - Your program will progress every 2 weeks.

- You can follow the calendar exactly or do the workouts at your leisure.

Available Subscription Options:

- DreamBody Foundations 1-3: Bodyweight Only + Weights Optional

After purchase, your subscription should load automatically.

Add-On Subscription Options:


Virtual Accountability Coaching + Virtual Personal Training Sessions *can also be billed using your prepaid studio sessions.

see below for more info

Individual Custom Programs

4 weeks $199 or

1 week $49

*can be billed using prepaid studio sessions

Purchase Custom Program: Email


- Customized bodyweight + any weights and equipment you have available.

- Workouts will reflect special modifications and geared to your individual needs.

- Weekly check-ins and accountability follow ups in-app messaging.

- Cardio protocol and additional stretch days can be adjusted added weekly.

- Nutrition integration via MyFitnessPal, Apple Watch and Fitbit

- Progress picture and baseline re-tests will be addressed as needed.

- Goal setting/habit features, challenges and community events complimentary.

- New or modified updated program delivery every Monday.

Add-On Custom Options:

Accountability coaching calls/sessions, form instruction and Virtual Personal Training

*Can also be billed from prepaid sessions.

Live Virtual Personal Training and Coaching Sessions

$49 | 30 Minutes *can be billed from prepaid studio sessions

Purchase Links below

Virtual Personal Training:

- Online training sessions are much like being in-studio.

- Will include warmup, 20 minutes of workout instruction, cool-down stretch. - Sessions are scheduled from 9-12am Tuesday - Thursday.

- You will be instructed how to setup your station before your session begins.

- Form instruction and baseline fitness assessments.

Purchase Virtual Personal Training Session



Virtual Coaching: Strategy Sessions

- Online app support does not include live coaching.

- It is advised that members schedule at one personal coaching session every 2-4 weeks.

- Accountability + program compliance.

- Motivation + current life stressors.

- Mental and emotional wellbeing + perspective check.

- Nutrition guidance + habit changing.

- Your time challenges and workout space.

- Appropriate and impactful wellness goal setting.

- Challenges of lifestyle, habit and behavioral changes.

- Goal Execution Plan and re-evaluations + follow ups.

- Communication surrounding how to reach program potential.

- Body Scan for new tightness or discomfort.

- Any individual program components can be addressed during this time.

Purchase Virtual Strategy Session



New Members

Virtual Onboarding

$199 | 2 Virtual Coaching Sessions / Jump Start Baseline Assessments

+ Initial 7 Day Online Program

Purchase + Schedule


Get FREE Sessions + DreamBody "BodyBucks" Credits


2 Free Sessions or 2 Free Custom Weeks

As always, referrals are the best gifts. We give a free session to anyone that refers us to new members. We are increasing your gift to 2 sessions for any new member. You can keep them both for yourself of gift one of your sessions to a friend. It is our way of giving back right now and saying - THANK YOU.

Team DreamBody Fridays via Zoom:

3 BodyBucks | 1 Free Session or Free Custom Week

You can earn 1 BodyBucks credit for attending Team DreamBody Fridays.

For every 3 classes you attend you earn one free session.

Invite a friend to earn additional credits.

Credits issued during class rollcall.

*see Team DreamBody Blog for Zoom Link and Updates

Compliance Credits:

Credits will also be added to your account for calendar and workout compliance, challenges/goals and check-ins. You can learn how to earn these credits by tuning into Team DreamBody Fridays.

A Note from Ashley...

Due to the Pandemic, we are changing the way we operate and coach. I have been training members online now for quite sometime. As many of you know, we launched this app platform well over a year ago and it has been a success. In-studio training has always been our major focus and we are currently transitioning to continue offering as much "virtual touch" as possible. We see this as a positive opportunity to connect and train each of you and we are happy to have online and virtual sessions as an option.

In-studio members, it is a change for you but you are doing great! We now offer live sessions to train with us in group classes or private sessions. We can still plan and schedule your workouts, hold you accountable and track all of your progress... it is just all online. We are still "in-session" … though we are all continuing to learn and recreate all our new home routine. Everyone and anyone can do this. We have even set it up so you can use your pre-paid sessions so you can continue your program and options to receive free coaching with your BodyBucks credits.

Keeping up with your program (even a minimum of 20 minutes a day) will help keep you spiritually, mentally and physically structured throughout this time. You know me, I believe blood flow can make almost anything feel better and workouts WORK. These workouts are challenging and you can keep all you have worked so hard for.

Thank you so much for being not only supportive, but being patient as we reorganized our online training options. If you have any questions, let Anna or myself know. We got your back, thank you for having ours.



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