DreamBody Productions Personal Training

Jumpstart Program

Complimentary Online Jumpstart Program Training Application

Exact Times TBD on individual basis

Application Trial Period March 1-31 2017

Application Deadline February 26th 2017

Jumpstart “Winners” will be announced February 27th 2017

About the Complimentary Online DBP Jumpstart Program:
On March 1, 2017 DreamBody Productions Personal Training will offer online training! As part of this addition, DBP is hosting a “Jumpstart Program” for new long-distance clients.  DBP is looking to work with selected applicants free of charge for one full month (March 2017).

This program includes a full “Jumpstart Package” including medical background, goals, assessment process, nutrition and individual program design. DBP will help you create the perfect program to fit your needs, hold you accountable and push you to reach your goals. The DBPFit online video series will be provided as well. Times, session length and exact setup will be on an individual basis.

This program is intended to Jumpstart your physical activity and accelerate you towards your individual goals all from the comfort of your own home.

Required Application for Complimentary Program:
1.  Cannot be North Carolina resident
2. Must have access to live video feed and must have working video/phone camera
3. Comfortable with sharing online journey clips via DreamBody Productions on either live video feed, recorded video, website or social media posts.
4. Understand that DBP owns all rights to video/recordings.
5. Application must be received by Feb 26th 2017.

Application Questionnaire
(Please copy and paste below question/answers into email: sent to: Ashley@dreambodyproductionspt.com):

1. What times would you be available for your training? (Sessions will be 30-60 minutes)

2. Are you medically cleared to take on a new exercise regimen and do you have any physical limitations?

3. What are your health goals?

4. Would you be open to online partner or group class training?

5. Are you mentally and emotionally ready to commit to a new exercise plan?

6. Are you currently exercising? If yes, please explain current program:

7. Why is the Online Jumpstart program important to you?

8. A new client packet will be sent out to you via email by February 27th if your application is accepted.  This packet will be sent back to Ashley prior to scheduling your first session time. Your first session should be no later than Feb 3, 2017.

9. How did you find out about this program?

10. Do you have any further questions at this time?

GOOD LUCK! I look forward to your application! ~Ashley