DreamBody Productions Personal Training

Client Testimonies

“Ashley has been training me for a year and a half now and I absolutely love the results I have seen with my body! I cannot get enough of her skills and training and the results I continue to see. I have had 5 of my friends join over the past year just by them asking me how I look so good and how they can gain the results themselves! She is a pleasure to work with as she always gets you in an upbeat, positive mood! Even on a bad day that I have had at the office, etc, I always come out of her workouts feeling like a whole new positive person!! I am in the best shape that I have been in since my teenage years and I never thought could happen. Thank you Ashley, you are truly the best!!”
Scotlan Liles, Marketing Coordinator – Novella Clinical

“I’ve been working with Ashley since December of 2013. When I first came to her, I was looking for motivation to begin working out more seriously again. I have been active all my life but now that I’m in my late 30s, three days of cardio a week was not getting me the physical and aesthetic results I was looking for. I’m happy to say that since our first day, I’ve lost almost 3% body fat. Our resistance training routines are rough but the results are fantastic. Ashley is just the greatest trainer! She’s precise and insistent on correct form and very contentious of any former injuries or areas of concern. She’s also a blast to be around and listens to all of my complaining during our workouts. She pushes me to the limit she knows I can handle every time, even if I don’t think I can do it. I’m so grateful to have found Ashley!”
Jaime Hankins, Studying Doctor of Physical Therapy at The University of North Carolina
“My 14 year old son and I started training with Ashley roughly four months ago and it’s been a great joy to see the pounds fall off (six so far) and the muscles pile on!
Ashley is very motivating and has zero tolerance for slacking! Every time I’ve asked “are you sure the 15 lb weight is what we need here?” or “are you sure 15 times up and down the hill is the right starting number?” it’s always, “yep, let’s go!” with an enthusiastic clap of the hands! Yikes! She will push you hard and you will love her for it!
If not for the commitment to show up and do what we’re told, we would not be getting in the great shape we are. Also being committed to keeping the food charts, keeps me on track nutritionally – I’ve even committed to no alcohol for the month of October – most definitely NOT a challenge I would have gotten on board with on my own!”
Thanks Ashley for the evolving new me – can’t wait to see what the upcoming months yield!
Sue Lester, Marketing Analyst
 “Ashley is an extraordinary trainer.  She is passionate, focused and creative in her approach to overall fitness and health. In working with Ashley, I not only learned how to customize my workouts; I also learned how to stay on track and motivated for the desired results. I will continue to refer my family, friends and co-workers her way!”
Michelle Pichardo, National Account Manger – Relevant Learning
“Ashley is awesome and does a great job of keeping me fit and healthy!!”
J. Rex Thomas, Commercial Real Estate – Owner, JRT Holdings LLC