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$1020 - $2200 +

12-24 sessions


Custom DreamBody Online, Custom Nutrition Coaching, "Nutrition with Ashley" Guide all included. 


Create Intention

This program will meet you where you are.  Any fitness level can benefit from maximizing consistency, accountability and learning more about their body and needs. Initial milestones are clearly defined and learned through custom specialized coaching. We will dig deep.

Daily Behavior

There is always room for improvement. Taking care of ourselves is priority one and daily habits better lives from the inside out. We master only two or three habits per week and do not move on until they are consistent. Examples of daily habits include breakfast, water challenge, meditation, resistance training goals, self-care goals, cardio goals, nutrition tracking, sleep, etc.


Your program will generally begin with multiple sessions per week then taper off to one per week, bi-weekly or whatever is appropriate. You will be supported through consistent sessions, progress check-ins, body composition reassessments and physical reevaluations.

DreamBody App    

Carry it all with you! The DreamBody Online App provides a platform for tracking, structure, demos and daily structure. Enjoy your individual calendar with custom homework/habits detailing all DreamBody Method Protocols (Cardio, Stretch, Resistance, Nutrition and Mental).

Nutrition Guide     

Learning how to eat can be a lifelong endeavor, but I try to make thigs easy!  Your program includes “Nutrition with Ashley” guide to download. How to fuel is key and we will keep things simple.


Touch Point Coaching 

Once complete, we begin transitioning to an appropriate touch point program.  We will evolve together into your new lifestyle. 



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