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First things first… We start small and from where you ARE. I want to make sure you enjoy your new program but even more I want you to learn about your body and teach you how to self-motivate and keep your gains long-term. Fitness is not a quick fix - - it is a commitment to yourself that is an ongoing journey.  Together we will implement habits and changes in your lifestyle so that you can not only look amazing but can reach your goals with confidence and sustainability. 


You will be able to create lasting change through habits – I will hold you accountable by slowly building the NEW habits we want to create.  Habit homework is included in your program and will be supported in our sessions and my blogs on my website I have written to fully explain each subject.   I want you to thrive and will give you every tool to do so, your job is to take on one thing at a time and continue to work hard towards each goal and through every workout. 

Jumpstart Package

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